You limit yourself

This has to stop with THINK SMART, TALK SIMPLE - read this

You limit yourself. 
Have you noticed that?

The reason you do it, at least from my experience, is innate in your misconception about 'English". Well, it is wrong.

Success is all about practicing a type of thinking ability you normally do not use. At all. Trust me.
Up to now, only 4 people have answered my questions on our profiling session.

Think Smart, Talk Simple Formula changes that.
It can happen to you too.
This ability will train you to think very smart and fast, and then to create DIAMOND SENTENCES (not easy) and the rest you will discover and explore in our session.
With a smile on your face.

So, if you feel it's high time to transform your global business skills and communication (based on tactics and strategy) - if you want to present your company/idea/product/raise money etc. in an inspiring manner and more, BREAK AWAY FROM THE PREVAILING MISCONCEPTION - THAT LANGUAGE IS THE BASIS OF SUCCESS. IT IS NOT!