About Einat

Einat Marom is a spiritual business and communication coach in both English and Hebrew.

Einat successfully accompanies executives, leaders (political and business) and organizations from  diverse worlds of content, and produces with them and for them successes in the many challenges they face: transformative communication in the international and local arena, comprehensive preparation, accompaniment and empowerment of managers, staff and employees, external and internal organizational leadership, For senior politicians (MKs and Ministers). Einat trains CEOs and top executives, directors, chairmen etc.. She also gives lectures on her Think Smart, Talk Simple innovative communication technique (on many subjects, i.e. negotiations, stategic communication), and conducts workshops for success for various objectives i.e., for technological teams, departments, managers and the like.

Einat also lectures at the Center for Public Diplomacy for young ambassadors and diplomats.

On top of that, Einat is the author of children's books. Her first book in a series of 11 stories was recently published 3.2020. During the first lockdown in Israel, period, she wrote a series of 10 more stories about Cloudy, translated it into English and now illustrates the series for KINDLE on AMAZON.

Einat also deals with HOME STYLING for apartments, houses and offices. You can order the service by phone or through contact us.